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Mixed media on paper, 30x22

abracadabra - slide_edited.jpg

"ABRACADABRA" plunges viewers into the tempestuous realm of witchcraft and its forewarned perils. This vivid artwork captures a neophyte witch in the throes of spell casting, the power she wields seemingly spiraling beyond her control. The tower, struck by lightning, stands as a stark symbol of the tumult that can arise from tampering with the arcane, a reminder of the Tower of Babel's narrative and the chaos of overreaching ambitions.


In the foreground, a ship ablaze with souls encapsulates the catastrophic consequences of meddling with forbidden arts, suggesting a journey with no return for those entrapped by the flames. The recurrent motif of 'ABRACADABRA'—historically a word of magical invocation—morphs into a visual cascade of letters, underscoring the spell's potency and the inextricable link between language and enchantment.


Surrounding these central elements are smaller, yet equally potent symbols: the vigilant eye overseeing the scene, the orange burning incense, and the scattered figures, perhaps remnants of lost souls wandering the ether.

abracadabra framed.jpeg
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