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Mixed media on paper, 12x16

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 12.35.09 AM.png

"Christ the Refugee" presents a complex tableau, rich with symbolic imagery that reflects on the plight and path of the displaced. The piece is an intricate weave of figures, landscapes, and abstract forms, each contributing to a narrative of sanctuary and struggle.


Central to the work is the visage of Christ, interpolated as a refugee. His face, fragmented and pieced amidst the chaos, serves as a potent symbol of the sacred amidst the profane challenges of exile. The surrounding elements – the foreboding native with arrows, the stark barriers, and the disjointed figures – speak to the harsh realities encountered anyone truly seeking refuge.


The varied textures and vibrant color palette infuse the piece with a sense of both the vitality and the violence of this experience. The eye, often a symbol of divine watchfulness, here perhaps alludes to the omnipresent gaze of Christ, witnessing the suffering and resilience of the displaced.


The legs encapsulated within prismatic boxes present a stark contrast to the organic forms elsewhere in the painting, indicating the confinement and compartmentalization. Disembodied breasts, often symbolic of nurturing and motherhood, here float untethered, alluding to the loss of the familiar, the separation from one's roots, and the interruption of life-giving care often experienced in the refugee journey. 


"Christ the Refugee" is not just a piece on displacement. There is also a sense of Christ as a form of refuge himself. The soul wanders through tumult looking to find refuge in the revelation of God. 

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