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Mixed media on paper, 12x16

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"Control" is a commentary on opioid addiction, particularly the devastation wrought by potent drugs such as morphine and fentanyl. Through color swatches of chaos and disorder, the grip of addiction and the pharmaceutical control over human life is depicted. 


A central brain-like figure, labeled 'CONTROL', dominates the scene, reflecting the neurological hijacking that opioids enact upon users. The juxtaposition of vivid colors with darker ghouls captures the duality of drug use – the initial thrill and relief, followed by the subsequent descent into darkness. Disparate elements, such as skull and crossbones and the outline of a spiritual hand reaching towards molecular structures, signify the struggle between seeking help and the chemical chains that bind users to their dependency.


The artwork’s raw, expressive style mirrors the tumultuous nature of addiction – a maelstrom of physical craving and psychological entrapment. The words 'CERVICAL' and 'SYMPATHETIC', fragmented across the composition, suggest a dichotomy between cognitive awareness and the body's involuntary response to these drugs, highlighting the complex interplay of will and physiological necessity.

control framed.jpeg
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