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Phygital Media


DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.1 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.2 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.3 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.4 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.5 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.6 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.7 38x38"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.8 50x50"

DR3AMKILL3R Etude No.9 50x50"


The "DR3AMKILL3R Etudes" serve as a formative exploration into the conceptual framework that would eventually culminate in the full "DR3AMKILL3R" oeuvre. Within these nine early ideations, the interplay between human aspiration, diverse character figures, and the undercurrents of subconscious fears that both drive and deter the pursuit of dreams.


In each, the central Orton figure reaches upwards, embodying the human yearning for ascension and achievement. Around this focal point, a collage of sketches and vibrant figures burst forth, suggesting the chaotic yet potent process of creation and ideation.


Symbolic imagery, such as the crude Batman, the geometric boxes, and the clown fighters represent the multifaceted nature of identity and the personas we encounter in the quest for fulfillment.  

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