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DR3AMKILL3RS, 2017-2019
Phygital Media

DR3AMKILL3R, 42x42", 2017

DR3AMKILL3R No.1-33, Digital media, 2019

DR3AMKILL3R 2017.jpg

DR3AMKILL3R, 42x42", 2017 (Original parent work) 
Mixed media on paper

DR3AMKILL3RS 1-33, 2019 (Child works) 
Digital media

"DR3AMKILL3R" captures the enduring essence of combat as spectacle, channeling the grandeur of Roman gladiators, the masked drama of Luchadores, and the visceral theatricality of professional wrestling.


At its heart of the work stands WWE wrestler Randy Orton, depicted in his iconic Viper Pose—a modern-day gladiator whose very stance radiates the triumph and bravado of ancient arenas. Surrounding him, the tableau of defeated adversaries. The painting's vivid portrayal and theatrical composition pay homage to the history of public spectacle, from the Colosseum's sands to the lucha libre rings, celebrating the visceral human connection to stories of conflict and resilience. 


"DR3AMKILL3R," with its dynamic fusion of history and contemporary culture, embodies the spirit of competition and the raw, brutal poetry of physical storytelling.

dreamkiller framed.jpeg
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