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Phygital Media, 22x22"


"ETERNITY EMBRACE MMXXIV" presents a vivid and symbolic love portrait of the artist and his partner. The artwork features two stylized figures with abstract faces adorned by geometric shapes and contrasting colors. One figure wears a white hat with an orange brim, while the other has a face divided into green and red halves. The background is rich with symbols, including stars, a horseshoe, a rose, and a small dog, each adding layers of symbolic meaning. The text "ETERNITY EMBRACE MMXXIV" at the top underscores a theme of timeless connection, while the number "33" serves as the artist's signature. 

The piece conveys a sense of profound connection and unity, as suggested by the title "ETERNITY EMBRACE". The embrace between the two figures, a recollection of Klimt, symbolizes eternal love, representing the bond between the artist and his partner. The futuristic and fragmented aesthetic suggests a vision of human relationships in a technologically advanced era, aligning with the themes of the V3SS3LS series. The artwork explores themes of eternal connection, futuristic identity, and the blending of human and abstract forms, capturing the essence of timeless love.

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