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EX CORP, 2024
Phygital Media, 72x72"

Ex Corp.jpg

"Ex Corp" emerges as a commentary in the series that includes "Who Is Blobman?"—an chaotic exploration of the impacts of societal decay set against a backdrop that repurposes the city of Oakland into a dystopian tableau. Through a vivid collision of superhero iconography and corporate logos, the piece delves into mockeries of pop culture and its once-inspiring figures. Dominated by the visage of a figure resembling Batman, transformed into a parking garage, and a Superman depicted in the throes of street walking, the work confronts viewers with the uncomfortable fusion of childhood heroes and the relentless mechanics of late term capitalism.

At the center, the Ex Corp building stands as a monolithic beacon of this transformed world, where corporate interests override individuality, illustrated by the expressionless clone-like masks beneath it, reinforcing the loss of identity in the corporate-dominated landscape. On the periphery, the repeated motif of the Joker's face on canvases suggests a recurring theme of chaos and disruption, perhaps alluding to the underlying anarchy of the market itself. In contrast, the lower section's questions marks and the inversion of the communist symbol into a question imply a search for identity and direction in an era of overwhelming commercial influence. This juxtaposition between the commercialized superhero figures and symbols of ideological struggle encapsulates the tension between individual agency and corporate power.

Finally, the composition of "Ex Corp" itself, with its fragmented elements and raw strokes, calls to mind the frenetic energy of street art, often the voice of dissent in the urban environment. Splashes of vibrant color juxtapose with stark black and white areas, mirroring the dichotomy between the vibrancy of human creativity and the monochrome reality of urban life. Within this context, the notable inclusion of a "frying pan" symbolizing a world turned on its head by the overwhelming forces of street drugs. "Ex Corp" not only continues the narrative begun with "Blobman" but expands its universe, offering a rich, multilayered critique of the effects of corporate dominance on culture, identity, and urban life.

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