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FOG, 2024

Phygital Media


FOG Nos.1-11 84x66"



FOG No.01.jpg

FOG No.01, 84x66", Columbus, IN, 2024



The FOG (Future Of Golf) series is an exploration of golf through the lens of abstraction, hypothetical architecture, and topographical diagrams. Envisioned for diverse locales, each piece reimagines the traditional golf landscape through a futurist lens, reflecting not just a game, but a holistic experience deeply integrated with its environment and its potential future utility.

The series confronts traditional conventions of course design, bending the boundary between functionality and form, utility and art. The courses are abstracted into topographical narratives that converse with their intended settings, from the architectural heritage of Columbus, Indiana, to the rural expanses of coastal California. Each painting in the series encapsulates a unique dialogue with the local geography, culture, and potential technological advancements.

Here, the courses range from abstract retreats to complex ecosystems that foster biodiversity, sustainability, and community engagement. We see courses that glow with artificial light for night play, ones that offer hybrid experiences with state-of-the-art simulators, and others that bring the game into compact urban spaces.

Yet, within this series, there is also a deeply personal undercurrent. "FOG No.10" stands as a poignant intersection of the artist's personal history and the symbolic topography of golf. It marks the transformation of a childhood homestead into a living memory, overlaid with a topography of golfing greens and fairways. This particular piece becomes a narrative of remembrance and healing.

The FOG series is an invitation to perceive golf as an avenue for spatial innovation, artistic expression, and social commentary. FOG presents a multifaceted reflection on the future of landscapes, communities, and personal space in a world where any piece of land can tell an immersive story.

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