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Phygital Media


Giza Dream No.1 50x50"

Giza Dream No.2 50x50"

Giza Dream No.1 web copy.jpg
Inverted Pyramid.jpg

"Giza Dream" distills the essence of a profound and introspective experience I had within the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid during my Archeology studies. It is a visual representation of the metaphysical journey, layered with symbols and motifs that evoke ancient history, cosmic transfiguration, and the essential transcendence of the soul.


The artwork is rich in symbols that span various cultures and epochs. The eye and the pyramid are evocative of Masonic and Egyptian iconography, often associated with knowledge and enlightenment, while the figures flanking the pyramid represent the reoccurring archetypes associated with the sacred space. 

Giza Dream Framed.jpeg
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