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Mixed media on paper, 16x12

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"Head on a Plate" is a contemporary reimagining of the biblical story of John the Baptist, encapsulating the timeless themes of prophecy, martyrdom, and the stark finality of justice. The artwork is arresting, with the subject's visage presented not with somber reverence but with an almost carnivalesque array of clown colors and forms, challenging traditional iconography.

The disjointed composition speaks to fragmentation, as the Jester-like head, dislocated from its body, becomes a vessel for broader contemplation on the nature of sacrifice and truth-telling. 

Around the central head form, the abstract elements whirl with a mixture of violence and celebration, echoing the decadent feast of Herod that led to John's demise. Yet, within this turbulence, there is a silent poignancy—a reflection on the isolation of the voice crying out in the wilderness and the cost of unwavering belief in one's mission.

head on a plate framed.jpeg
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