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Phygital Media 


Heaven for Soyboys No.1 90x60"
Heaven for Soyboys No.2 90x60"
Heaven for Soyboys No.3 90x60"

"Heaven for Soyboys (Hell for Men)," in its multiple renditions, presents a vivid discourse on the complexities of modern identity as refracted through the prism of digital culture. In the series, iconic logos, from Apple to Google, alongside representations of anime, symbolize the omnipresent influence of technology and fantasy on contemporary life and identity.


The glitch aesthetic—punctuated by jarring colors and shapes—serves as a visual metaphor for the dissonance between traditional roles and the evolving digital personas. Reptilian figures and manipulated Wojak faces recur throughout, pointing to themes of power dynamics and emotional commodification. This body of work provocatively engages with the dichotomies of connection and isolation, authenticity and artifice, as it scrutinizes the male psyche in the context of a rapidly changing socio-technological landscape.

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