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Phygital Media, 

Kid Icarus.jpg

"Kid Icarus" takes place in a verdant labyrinth where the central figure, reminiscent of the mythic character Icarus, is seen amidst an overgrowth of grey and misted foliage, his gaze both weary and knowing. This contemporary Icarus, far from his beloved sun, is entangled and tattered in the greenery, suggesting a bound terrestrial enmeshment with the natural world after the hubris of his iconic flight.


There is a delicate interplay of translucent washes and bold strokes to create a tapestry of flora that is both suffocating and comforting. Amid the organic chaos, hints of manufactured elements and playful botanical wallpaper illustrations emerge, creating a dialogue between the mythological past and the banal present.


"Kid Icarus" emerges as a poignant intersection of myth and modernity, where the painting's title nods to the classic Nintendo game, infusing the piece with a sense of nostalgia and lost youthfulness. 

kid icarus framed.jpeg
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