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LURES, 2019
Phygital Media, 

Lures, 2017_edited.jpg

"Lures," an evocative exploration of enticement and desire, depicts a complex tableau where each element symbolizes the multifarious baits that life presents. Vertical lines reminiscent of fishing lures traverse the canvas, ensnaring a collection of disparate characters and objects that signify different aspirations and cravings.


At one end, a rabbit is beguiled by the archetypal lure of a carrot—a representation of the chase for survival and prosperity. Elsewhere, the haze emitting from a pot of money extends the metaphor to wealth, the intoxicating mist embodying the allure of financial gain. The central figure, a witch doctor, extends a hand towards a bag emblazoned with 'ORO'—the Spanish word for gold—conveying humanity's perennial quest for precious resources and the power they confer.


Opposite this, a creature resembling a dog appears to be tempted by a bowl of crude food, a commentary perhaps on the Pavlovian instincts that drive even the most domesticated of beasts. Each of these vignettes is a narrative fragment, collectively weaving a story about the universal pull of various 'lures'—from the material to the spiritual, the instinctual to the constructed.

lures framed.jpeg
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