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Acrylic AND oil stick on paper, 54x24

"Mazdaznan" is a triptych that delves into the intricate rituals of the Mazdaznan movement, known for its synthesis of spiritual exercises and a focus on breathing for physical and spiritual well-being. Each panel of this series conveys the meditative and disciplined practices of this esoteric tradition, illustrating Weimar Era German temple figures in various postures of the Mazdaznan breathing exercises.


The figures, depicted with an almost ethereal quality, appear engaged in a silent, rhythmic choreography of breath and movement within a liminal temple space. The lines and contours of their bodies are softly drawn, suggesting a fluidity that mirrors the breath's seamless ebb and flow. The muted colors and sporadic bursts of more vivid hues reflect the balance between tranquility and the vital force of life, which Mazdaznan practices aim to cultivate.


Across the bottom of each panel, notations reminiscent of a score or timeline hint at the ritual's structure and the precise timing that governs the exercises. These German inscriptions evoke the idea of breath as a currency of energy, each inhale and exhale measured and valued for its rejuvenating properties.

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