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OILERS, 2017
Phygital media, 18x24

Oilers, 2017.jpg

"Oilers" communicates a narrative on the extraction and consumption of oil. The central shrouded figure, rendered with dominating presence, embodies the sheer force and influence of the oil industry. Its eyes, marked by the symbol of energy and power, peer out into a world that it fundamentally shapes and controls. Rough scorpions scatter across the figures in the foreground. 

Surrounding this central creature are white spectral figures, possibly representing the various stakeholders, casualties, or witnesses to the industry's expansive reach. Their outlined forms convey a sense of ghostliness, perhaps alluding to the shadowy impact of the oil trade on communities and environments. Amidst the tableau, the vibrant sparks and dark spills create a striking visual dichotomy, symbolizing both the energy provided by oil and the potential for environmental disaster it carries.

The cacophony of 'HAHA' laughter blasts from a Houston Oilers logo, permeating the sky around the industrial structures could suggest the ambivalence or outright dismissal of concerns related to the industry's environmental repercussions. Alternatively, it might represent the relentless and manic pursuit of growth and profits, often associated with the sector.

oilers framed.jpeg
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