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R3PTILI4NS, 2017-2020
Phygital Media, 16x20"

reptilian 3.jpg

R3PTILI4N, 16x20", 2017 (Original parent work) 
Mixed media on paper

R3PTILI4NS 1-34, 16x20", 2020 (Child works) 
Digital media

The "R3PTILI4NS" series serves as an artistic odyssey through the ancient mythos of the Anunnaki, deities from Sumerian civilization, often woven into modern tales of extraterrestrial progenitors. This broad thirty-four piece collection manifests an exploration of historical enigma through a expressionist digital lens.


Each work pulses with coded imagery amidst vibrant, electric color schemes, suggesting the vivid tapestry of Sumerian lore interlaced with futurist motifs. Fragmented visuals, reminiscent of hieroglyphs and otherworldly beings, invite viewers to ponder the influence of these ancient figures on our past, and potentially, our future.


The series employs a visual language that oscillates between the mystical and the digital, evoking the feel of a civilization both ancient in wisdom and advanced in technology. The recurring themes and cryptic iconography echo the continuity of the Anunnaki narrative throughout human history, reimagined through the medium of digital art.


R3P Framed 3.jpeg
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