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Phygital Media 


Running with the Bulls No.1 96x48"
Running with the Bulls No.2 96x48"
Running with the Bulls No.3 96x48

"Running with the Bulls," as a series, offers a visually tumultuous narrative that juxtaposes the modern-day ferocity of the cryptocurrency bull market with the primal intensity of ancient bull-related rituals. The canvas teems with a multitude of figures and forms, each contributing to a cacophony of movement and color that captures the volatile spirit of both past and present.


Central to the composition is the figure of a bull, adorned with flowers and symbols of wealth and power, poised between a frenzy of crazed human figures that are depicted in a state of manic motion. These participants, some blood splattered, some falling, and others in the midst of the run, evoke the dangerous rush of the Pamplona tradition, while also allegorically representing the frenetic participants of today's bull markets.


To the left, the presence of Anubis-like heads, rooted in ancient Egyptian mythology associated with protection and transition, further layers the narrative, suggesting a parallel between economic pursuits and mythological quests. Above, the term "REKT"—slang in the crypto community for a bad investment loss—hints at the potential downfall within these realms of high stakes.


The piece is a maelstrom of cultural references, from the "Bullish Engulfing" candlestick pattern in the financial charting world to historical rites of passage, creating a dialogue about risk, reward, and the human propensity to dance with danger. "Running with the Bulls" stands as an energetic reflection on the societal rituals that define and consume us.

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