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Phygital Media 


Sexless Apprentice No.1 41x29"
Sexless Apprentice No.2 41x29"
Sexless Apprentice No.3 41x29

"Sexless Apprentice," a series of three, confronts the viewer with a kaleidoscopic vision of the body's future evolution, examining transhumanist themes through a bold, chaotic lens. This piece interweaves the anatomical with the technological, juxtaposing biological elements with symbols and logos of innovation such as 'Starlink' satellites and sensory organs labeled with drone tech branding.


The vivid landscape is populated with fragmented figures and faces, embodying the disintegration of traditional human forms in the wake of emergent technologies. The title itself, "Sexless Apprentice," suggests a departure from the biological determinants of identity, pushing the viewer to contemplate a future where humanity intersects with the artificial, potentially leading to an existence devoid of conventional gender norms.


Through an abstract tapestry of form and color, "Sexless Apprentice" vividly captures the essence of a species in flux, embarking on the unknown spiritual journey of transhumanist transformation. The artwork serves not just as a visual experience but as a dialogue on the rapidly dissolving boundaries between the born and the made, the organic and the synthetic, in the pursuit of progress and the redefinition of life.

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