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SOSA, 2024
Phygital Media 


Red Sosa 60x44"
White Sosa
Blue Sosa 60x44"

The “Sosa” series presents a triptych of cultural narratives, each infused with the symbolism and implications of the color in its title. 


"Red Sosa" prominently features the figure of Alejandro Sosa, an aristocratic character emblematic of style and danger from the film "Scarface", to explore themes of power and the ruinous influence of corruption and violence. 


"White Sosa" introduces Chief Keef as its protagonist, also known as Sosa, set against the backdrop of the Minotaur myth set in contemporary Chicago, reflecting the labyrinthine traps of fame, fortune, and violence of the drug trade.


"Blue Sosa" stars another Chicago legend, Sammy Sosa, and examines the shifts in Sammy Sosa's persona and appearance, both in the public's perception and the personal. 

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