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Mixed Media on Paper


Untitled (Monero No.1) 8x8"
Untitled (Monero No.2) 8x8"
Untitled (Monero No.3) 8x8"

This series of three dynamic artworks delves into the intricate web of global finance, corruption, privacy, and pop culture, employing the central motif of Monero, a cryptocurrency known for its emphasis on anonymity. Each piece, rich with symbolism and intertextual references, critiques the volatile intersection of digital currency and contemporary society.

"Untitled (Monero No.1)" is an exploration of disparate financial and digital themes. Vibrant clown faces represent Monero's cryptocurrency forks, set against a backdrop rich with references to financial institutions and governments, corruption, and the enigmatic John McAfee (ANTI VIRUS ANTIVIRUS).

"Untitled (Monero No.2)" offers a vivid portrayal of themes related to evasion, privacy, and secrecy within the context of global finance and politics. Central to the image is the depiction of McAfee, portrayed hiding out in a jungle, referencing his real-life fleeing from authorities and his time spent in Belize.

Surrounding McAfee are elements that symbolize wealth and concealment—gold bars and money stashed among the lush greenery, pointing directly to the idea of Monero as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, used often for its anonymity features. The Black Ops phrase "Don't Ask NOYFB" (None Of Your Fucking Business) reinforces this theme of secrecy and privacy, emphasizing a defiant attitude towards intrusion.

The background is filled with names of countries like Cuba, China, Iran, Nicaragua, and the UAE, all listed without extradition treaties with the United States, enhancing the narrative of escape and refuge. These elements together create a complex commentary on geopolitical dynamics, individual liberty, and the often murky ethics of privacy.

"Untitled (Monero No.3)" offers a rich and eclectic mix of cultural references, combining iconic elements of Western pop culture with commentary on financial scandals and digital currency. In this piece, four versions of the Joker from different Hollywood films—Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix—are depicted, each adding a unique flavor to the chaotic and party-like atmosphere. Their presence in this artwork could symbolize the chaotic, unpredictable, and often disruptive nature of the pirate-like characters they portray, aligning with the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies like Monero.

The setting of "Club ENRON," a nod to the infamous energy company known for its monumental financial scandal, injects a layer of irony and historical critique into the artwork. The use of ENRON's name in a party scene suggests a commentary on the reckless corporate culture and the financial havoc it wreaked, paralleling the risky and often speculative nature of digital currencies.

The Monero-chans, depicted as hostesses or bottle service girls, add another layer of cultural mashup by incorporating elements of Japanese anime, which serve as playful yet intriguing mascots for Monero. This blend of Western and Eastern pop culture elements speaks to the global impact and reach of digital currencies.

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