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V3SS3LS: 2023-2025

V3SS3L No.001
V3SS3L No.002
V3SS3L No.027

V3SS3LS presents 700 meticulously crafted animated portraits, each depicting a unique example of advanced post-human evolution. This collection includes GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) and RELFs (Robotically Engineered Life Forms), showcasing a diversity and complexity among these engineered beings. V3SS3LS offers an ideation of humanity's integration with technology, focusing on trans-humanism, post-mortality, and singularity configurations.

Key themes include the augmentation of human capabilities through technological means (trans-humanism), extending life indefinitely through biological and technological advancements (post-mortality), and the hypothetical point at which artificial intelligence merges with human intelligence, leading to unprecedented technological growth (the singularity). 

Each of these 700 animated works are hand-drawn, hand-animated, filtered once through AI, and finally hand-colored and finished, making it a genuine human-machine collaboration. 

V3SS3LS as an art project presents 700 diverse portraits, and invites viewers to contemplate the future of humanity and the endless possibilities of merging biology with technology.

V3SS3L No.005
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