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Phygital Media


Vaporware No.1 48x48"

Vaporware No.2 60x48"

Vaporware No.3 48x48"

Vaporware No.4 60x48"

Vaporware No.5 48x48"


The Vaporware Series is a collection that expands the narratives of modern culture and future technological possibilities. Each piece presents a speculative vision — whether it's the evolution of sports in a futuristic landscape or the complex interplay of reality, virtual simulation, and the dream state.


The series carries a personal resonance for me, drawing from my father's close association with the late golfer Seve Ballesteros, an innovator and visionary in the sport of golf, and honors legacies while exploring the new configurations of technology and societal change. It acts as a tribute to the creative spirit, much like Seve’s influence on golf, and extends that spirit into imaginative realms, offering a series that is rich with symbolism and ripe for ideation on the future of leisure, lifestyle, and identity.

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