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V3SS3L No.051
V3SS3L No.052
V3SS3L No.053

V3SS3LS is an ongoing series of animated portraits, each characterizing a unique example of advanced post-human evolution. This collection of avatars includes GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) and RELFs (Robotically Engineered Life Forms), investigating a diversity and complexity among these hypothetical engineered beings. V3SS3LS is an ideation on humanity's integration with technology, focusing on trans-humanism, post-mortality, and singularity configurations.

Key themes include the augmentation of human capabilities through technological means (trans-humanism), extending life indefinitely through biological and technological advancements (post-mortality), and the hypothetical point at which artificial intelligence merges with human intelligence, leading to unprecedented technological growth (the singularity). 

Each animated work is hand-drawn, hand-animated, filtered once through AI, and finally hand-colored and finished, making V3SS3LS a genuine human-machine collaborative partnership. 

V3SS3L No.077
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