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Visitation No.1, Mixed media on canvas, 52x52"

Visitation No.2, Digital media

Visitation No_edited.jpg

"Visitation" is a phygital work that maps the confluence of the earthly and the otherworldly, plotting the interpolation of Earth's most active extraterrestrial contact points. Anchoring this cosmic conversation, various symbols from NASA's 1977 Voyager Golden Record are depicted, signifying humanity’s message to the vastness of outer space.


Surrounded by representations of various alien life forms, two humanoid figures stand as a representative portrait of humanity presented against the unknown visages reported in close encounters. Deeper in the details we see the recurrent motif of the spotted owl, a creature often associated with visitation narratives.


The piece is a visual counterpoint of symbols, from celestial bodies and oblique geometry, to ancient and modern markers of unexplained phenomena. Each painted element—be it a pyramid, a name of a location known for sightings, or the cryptic Nazca lines—contributes to a overarching narrative of mystery and the search for connection to the universe. 


"Visitation" speaks to the human desire to understand our place in the cosmos and the notion that we are not alone. The artwork, with its vibrant amalgamation of myth, reality, and speculation, offers a space for contemplation of the threads that weave the human experience and the mystery of the universe.

"Visitation No.1" is a mixed media work on canvas which first began as a digital painting. After the painting was completed, I went back to the digital painting and animated it to create "Visitation No.2". 

visitation framed 2.jpeg
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