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Phygital Media, 72x72"

Who Is Blobman_ WEB.jpg

"Who is Blobman?" is an evocative cinematic pastiche, a chaotic tapestry rich with cultural allusions and dark humor, that takes the viewer on a visually erratic journey through an urban landscape of fallen heroes and contemporary symbols.   


This symbolist work dismantles icons, reassembling them into a tableau that is both an oblique critique and a parody; the inverted Golden Gate Bridge, the Zodiac Killer's logo, and the replacing of the Batman crest with the Wu-Tang emblem speak to a subversion of the familiar, while the macabre partnership of The Crow and a Freddy Krueger-inspired Batman suggests a deeper narrative of vigilante justice gone awry. 


The artwork's layered question marks and "Blob-Eyed” front figures unify the characters in their shared identity crisis, leaving us to ponder the societal constructs of heroism against the broken backdrop of a San Francisco distorted into a dystopian nightmare, hinting at the opioid epidemic's grip on modern-day metropolises.

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